The roads to circus - shaping your own life

The roads to circus - shaping your own life
Deepak Negi
Feb 01, 2023

You’ve heard the phrase “the harder you fall the higher you bounce”, well it’s quite emboldening but what if you fall on Jupiter or on sun (considering you are not afraid of imagination), will you be able to bounce back? Yes, the answer is No, the gravity or the heat of the sun won’t allow you to do so, you’ll be in a place from where you can’t come back, you can’t undo your decisions. Now let’s compare the hypothesis with some real-life scenarios.

After finishing 12th std we all go for higher studies, this transition of school life to college life is quite complicated just like your relationship (singles can illustrate solving a Rubik’s cube). During this time, we’re confused about many things like which college to choose, which branch to opt for, which career to go for. At last we end up choosing the popular branch in the most reputed college we can get, we ignore all our hobbies and dreams that we’ve been seeing since we were little kids. This Abba nahi manenge phrase gives a whole new direction to our future. then what? You end-up doing a 9-5, going to the same place daily doing something that you don’t’ even care about. Tired from your hectic routine you decide to spend your weekend enjoying yourself, You decide to go to a cinema, you take the first row on the first show of Pathan just so you can imagine that you’re on the screen winning thousands of hearts,  that you’re the one hitting the winning six, you’re the most listened artist this week on Spotify, that you’re the one winning the Param veer chakra, but these dreams are just dreams now, its too late to bounce back. The gravity of your decisions won’t let you do so, all you can do is be regretful of the decision you took. A lion that works on a circus might have been the jungle king only if he had roared at the right moment.

Well, the circus lion won’t have to hunt ever, he’ll get his food on time, he’ll also get tortured whenever he’ll fall short on the performance and get fired also when he’ll get old or wounded, is this not similar to a job.

The lion of the jungle might have to prey but he’s the master of his own will. The conclusion of the post is that you and only you are responsible for your own future, just like Robert Frost said in his masterpiece “The Road Not Taken”, the path ahead is just the outcome of your own decisions, you don’t need to choose the more walked path it might have less obstacles but might not lead you where you’re expecting, so before taking some decisions just remember that one path is going to the bounded circus and the other is to the endless jungle.

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