Embracing Challenges, Pursuing Dreams: The Journey of Indian Students

Embracing Challenges, Pursuing Dreams: The Journey of Indian Students
Feb 04, 2023

The other night I was having a conversation with my younger brother, he was just checking out the content that we have posted till now, after discussing about the various blog ideas he suggested that I should put out more content related to the main subject of our project, so here I am writing this post about the Indian student.

Who is an Indian student?

An Indian student is born and raised in India and has a passion for education and learning. We come from various backgrounds and belong to different cultures, languages, and religions. Despite of all the differences our love for knowledge and the drive to succeed unites us together. 

The average Indian student

We are determined, hardworking and ambitious. We are always ready to face the challenges and create new opportunities for ourselves. We are also studying or have studied in a CBSE school and probably want to become an engineer or a doctor, and secretly we also want to be a youtuber or a dancer or an artist but sadly Abba nahi manenge. I am sure you all will see the former phrase many times in our blogs.

What are we doing right now?

At present we are pursuing our education with great enthusiasm (not necessarily for academics). We are making new plans for the present semester which has just started even though these plans will not work even half sem. We are working hard to get the most out of the opportunities available to us. Many of us are also pursuing extra-curricular activities that align with our interests and hobbies.  

What do we want in life?

“I want to fly, run and even fall but I don’t want to stop Naina” -bunny

We all have a bunny in us. We all want to lead successful and fulfilling lives. We want to travel the world and see the mountains and we also have motion sickness. We want to make a positive impact on the community, we want to pursue careers that we are passionate about and most importantly we want to be able help our families.

In conclusion we are very diverse we’ve different interests, hobbies, and ambitions. We have different taste in music, we speak different languages but we all have one thing in common i.e., we are not satisfied with the education system which is way out of time and also we love IPL. An Indian student is inspiring. We fail, we learn, we succeed.

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